Restorative Treatment

Although new technologies in dentistry and a focus on prevention of dental disease has reduced the number of cavities in children, the fact remains that many children will require restorative treatment for dental decay at some point during their childhood years. Childhood is also a time of dental emergencies that may require restorative treatment or possibly extraction of traumatized teeth.
You may be wondering, “But they’re just baby teeth…do cavities really need to be filled?” To understand the answer to that question, you must first understand the function and importance of primary (baby) teeth.

These teeth are important for:

  • Proper chewing and eating
  • Maintaining space for the permanent teeth and guiding them into the correct position
  • Normal development of the jaw bones and facial muscles
  • Proper speech development
  • An attractive smile

Neglected cavities can and often do result in problems that may affect developing permanent teeth. They can also lead to dental infections which may be accompanied by pain and lead to other more serious health issues. Therefore, cavities in both primary and permanent teeth should be treated promptly and appropriately.

The following restorative treatment is provided in our office:

  • Tooth-colored fillings (composite resin)
  • Crowns
  • Pulpotomy (nerve treatment)
  • Pulpectomy (root canal)
  • Extractions
  • Space maintainers
  • Management of dental trauma/emergency